Monday, August 4, 2014

An evaluation of options for the drowning.

Therapy patient: help! I’m drowning!
 Family: Why can’t you stop drowning! Nobody else is drowning!
Western Religion: Stop drowning!
Eastern Religion: There is no drowning; there is only drowning
Psychoanalysis: How long have you felt you were drowning?
Gestalt psychology: Maybe drowning is where you need to be right now.
Short term behavioral therapy: What strategies have you used in the past to avoid drowning?
Psychiatry: here are some pills that will help you forget you’re drowning.
Recovery movement: you can save yourself from drowning!

Cognitive behavioral therapy: try feeling for the bottom with your feet. Too deep? Try floating on your back. Did that work? Good. Now try floating on your back and kicking your legs. Good.  The shore is about 20 feet away. Point yourself that way and keep kicking.