Thursday, March 19, 2009

In memoriam

For Anthony Paino.

I pass by this building every morning on my way to work. This morning the crew had placed a memorial to Anthony on the south side of the site, with lit candles, flowers and notes. It nearly broke me. I have to find better ways of protecting myself from the fact that we die. How do you let go of the image of his mother finding out what she had just lost? I found one of the contractors on the site and asked him to pass along my sympathy to his family. The guy looked like he would really hug me and let me cry on his shoulder if I'd let him. I fled from this wanton charity of soul.


  1. You know, for someone who is "anonymous" and "unknown" and "just part of the ether" you sure do have a way of reaching in my chest, grabbing my heart and affecting my life.

    I'm better for reading you. Every time.

  2. Thanks artie. I'm glad you came by to read. I'm having a little trouble with themes today.

    The mother board is so overwhelmed right now, I think we're stuck with taping our mouths and waiting for better times. It must have been a mistake to mention that she had the power to destroy it, because it looks like she believes me.


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