Tuesday, March 15, 2011

self discipline

I realized how much time I spent farting around online with little gain. True, I was getting my thoughts in order, and learning the basic skills of presenting and defending a coherent argument. I was learning to interact in a competitive, negative environment and keep my wits. All important, but I've hit a wall. It's fairly typical of the autodidact, I suppose. Time to move to a more --academic? Focused? pursuit of the goal. I don't need the extraneous hysteria from outside sources. I don't need the socialization. What I need is more work on my part. More writing, more attention to the topics and material that lead to, well, something. I was spinning my wheels, and I knew it. Now, at least I'm spinning them in a direction.

I have five blogs. This one is the most personal. 3 are related to my home business. One is for a place I'd love to live again. They all need more attention than I've been giving them. It was easier to go somewhere else and argue with strangers. Done. Done, done done. You'll see me here, and on your blog, more often.


  1. Oh Goodie!

    And welcome to life after the mire, from the bog to the blog, upwards and onwards.


  2. Now that I'm in my almost mid fifties I suppose I can safely grow up a bit. ;0

  3. I look forward to reading. But make sure that you're taking care of yourself. Sometimes, the things we view as distractions, like going somewhere else and arguing with strangers, are simply a way of getting needs met that our work life encourages us to ignore.

    See to your needs, and do things that bring you energy, and the rest will take care of itself.

  4. I want to improve my self discipline too. I think its the basic skill that can boost all your other skills.

    I waste way too much time browsing web too :) I need to learn to delay gratification and do my work fist. Getting ther slowly lol :P


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