Saturday, August 27, 2011

This undiscovered corner of life.

Until a loved one is missing, no one considers how strange it is to talk about their loved one in the present tense. They text all the time, she wants to do x, he is excited about y... I mean, how would you know? But if you say they "were" then everyone jumps on that as a sign you have no hope or some complicity.

There is no tense for the abducted.


  1. Remind me to never talk to Nancy Grace.

  2. You saw that, huh. Check this out. If you ever wondered what a lynch mob looked like a few days before the deed:!/pages/Katelyn-Markhams-Disappearance-Considering-Everything/156483891100350

  3. Your point will be lost on many (most?) people but choosing the tense is a particularly difficult chore.


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