Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Feeling it today.

From a conversation elsewhere (I was asked why Western women don't try to enlighten Middle Eastern women about the veil and all it symbolizes). My response was that it's wise to take care of the log in your own eye before addressing the burka over another's. My conversant took this to mean "men" were the problem, which I found an odd take on my point. So I explained further: women have to take responsibility for their own lives, and blaming men isn't useful.

Identify the problem, come up with solutions, and get to work. Share your insights with the sisters and the brothers, so everyone benefits. There's a reason the human race is still around, and it's not wars.

Destruction is not the reason we exist. Evolutionary success at least, has been largely a result of births within social units that protect our unusually weak offspring (for such a successful species), the cooperative nature of our species-long endeavors as they've developed (from hunting and gathering, through the division of labor during the industrial revolution, and on) and and therefore commerce.

War provides only a partial employment of these two vital aspects of our success, and while it informs the gene pool sometimes by creating a clear winner, so do the other social forms (besides war): family/parenting, group/social bonds, intergroup/society trade (in both ideas and technology), and intergroup marriage to create larger "safe" groups that increase population over larger territory therefore creating a wider selection of genetic material, and more techniques and land mass on which to find food and resources.

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