Tuesday, January 6, 2009


It's still here. The pain blocker started wearing off around 4 yesterday. It bought me about five hours. Today I talked the office manager in the suite next door into letting me hide out in a dark empty office (they had layoffs, we have blistering white fluorescents so intense you can see your soul through your clothes). All I had to do was ask her to shoot me (she said she left her gun on the dresser, if I'd like to go pick it up at her house).

Note: Head On for migraines works for about an hour or so. Not sure what good that does you. Don't want to end up like her.

I have to go get my Katie Couric next week. The GI office gave me a packet of paper listing all the warnings, and the stuff I have to do before I show up face down: no NSAIDs after the 8th. No food after 230 the 13th. No liquids after midnight. Prescription laxatives every half hour (Holy, well, you know). I wonder if they understand that this will trigger another migraine (provided I've recovered from this one by then). And that I can't use an entire class of pain relievers because the GI is averse to turning my colon into a fountain of gory viscera. Remind me to call my doc and ask if Head On is an NSAID.


  1. I had my "Katie Couric" on September 11. Getting older is not for sissies.

    Your dear son is not a condition. But grief can do a gigantic number on the body - much like anxiety, panic or stress.

    There are ways to minimize the amount of godawfulcrap you have to drink before the procedure. Talk to your doctor and ask for the stuff that is more concentrated and in the smaller amount. They can still get a good look.

    I'm not sure about the family it is in, but Xanax made it much more doable for me.

    Well, good luck and I hope it all goes smoothly. Wish I was closer by to lend a hand, or give you a shoulder to lean on. (I would be NO good at driving in the city, but I am a top notch help-meet).


  2. Thanks for the tips! Xanax is in the same family (benzodiazepine) as klonopin, valium and ativan. I'll ask if it's ok for me to take it. Don't think it'll help w/the migraine problem though.

    Hubby is picking me up after, and we're only a few blocks away, but thanks for the kind thoughts.

  3. I take about 900-1000 mg of magnesium a day. That seems to reduce the severity of the pain phase.

    I had one start on Christmas Eve. I was out of zomig, and the roads were undriveable, so I made the slog to the drugstore in the deep snow, got the prescription, and was still pretty out of it for five days.

    I don't get the vomiting. Yet. Your post scared me. Topomax made my hair fall out-—half of it, before I stopped taking the drug (it had stopped working). It was down to my butt at the time. We eventually had to get a plumber come in and snake the drain. There was a massive clot of hair blocking the pipe.

    I've only been getting the full migraine experience for a few years, but I've had regular prodromal symptoms for decades.

    I'm thinking of trying progesterone cream.

  4. Geez, DC, anything that messes with that mane ought to be banned. I'd tried magnesium back in the 90s and it really didn't do anything. I'm pushing my insurance to put me back on the botox tx. That seemed to help (a lot). In fact, as that last bit of effect wore off this Sept., the migraines have escalated. Hopefully the new Rx co will approve me. I suppose I'll blog that eternal tug of war as well. *L*

  5. My hair is so thick that, after half of it fell out and I cut it to my shoulder blades, it was way more manageable. It was scary to lose that much hair, but I didn't mind not waiting 4 hours for it to air-dry.

    I didn't know about the botox treatment. Hmm. And how much magnesium did you take? Maybe try upwards of 800 mgs and see if it helps. The only thing it impacts for me is the severity of the pain, but that's huge.

    Did you know that Anna Nicole Smith supposedly died from an interaction of triptans and antidepressants? She was trying to treat a migraine.


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