Friday, January 16, 2009

Where my kid at

Jesse's younger brother left the house last weekend, saying "Bye mom, I'm gonna go take my pants off in the subway." I'm a lucky mom.


  1. My daughter and I howled as we looked at the pictures and read the story!! What a cool thing.

    She said "You know, there is always an opportunity to do something fun."

    Words of wisdom there.

  2. It's a cross-generational hoot, ain't it?! One of the "agents" in the improv everywhere group turns out to be on my team here at work, I had no idea till I saw his name on the list (he seems very quiet and shy at work, except for the occasional wisecrack). He also works with Upright Citizens Brigade, which is our favorite comedy club. We're going to try to get into his next show.

  3. You have a young man of the highest quality. You knew that, of course. It was my privilege to make his acquaintance.


  4. I'm going to be in NYC for about 10 days in April/May.

    We're going to The Ring at the Met.

    Maybe we could have coffee somewhere?

  5. art: Sounds awesome. You're going to see the whole thing?!

    I'll be out of town for a wedding at the end of May, otherwise I don't think I'm booked yet!

    Lector: thanks bro. That was a heck of a trip. Wouldn't mind doing another one.


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