Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Moving forward

Today I voted, not so much for Michael Bloomberg, but against changing mayors. Is that so crazy? I got up early, limped over to the voting side of town, then realized that I could prop my foot up if I'd buy a footstool, and ice it at work if I only had a cold pack. Then it occurred to me that if I keep making these little 5 block trips, adding one or two more a day, I'll be walking a mile or two by the time I leave. And if I use my shopping pelf as free weights, I can do my upper body workout in the process. Yes, I am become Efficiency, Ameliorator of Time Constraints.


  1. You need a better acronym - EATC doesn't cut it.

    Happily Investing in Kicking Effectiveness (HIKE)


    Babe Ameliorating Leg Issues Believes Own Uplifting Navigations Delightful (Bali Bound)

    Or something.

  2. Changing mayors just to change mayors doesn't make sense, except if we're talking about Daley.

    Your efforts, according to published data, cost Mayor Bloomberg $180. Surprisingly close election.

  3. Schmutz, that's enough for a nice pair of shoes, that jerk!


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