Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The social thing.

One weird side effect (to me anyway) of Zoloft is that it makes me much more comfortable in groups. I never really realized how much energy it takes me to hang out with people, even (sometimes especially) people I like. It can be draining, but I do enjoy it: I guess this makes me an introvert? The last vestige of my childhood shyness is chemically removed. I expected to be able to write about Jesse without crying, and I expected to feel a little, well, elevation. I'm even okay with the piles of furniture and curtains and paint and construction supplies all over the loft now. (Sure, that's why I'm mentioning it. because it's okay.) But finding myself enjoying the prospect of hanging out with a large group of friends? I'm going to have to test run this new side of the Meyers Briggs attitude dichotomy. In Bali. Yes, I actually find myself sorry that I'm going alone. I never had that attitude about travel before, but here I am, wondering who I'm going to point out the fish to. Not sure I'm crazy about that feeling. I'll probably end up bonding with tourists.

The other weird side effect is mild nausea.

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  1. Ditch Myers Briggs. That old thing. Blech.

    Have you ever read Joan Borysenko's "A Woman's Book of Life"? She outlines a woman's 7 year cycles through life.

    I found myself resonating with her stuff much more than the MB stuff.

    Bonding with tourists. They probably make the perfect family. One deeply satisfying, mostly positive, exotic experience and then vanish -- hopefully keeping in touch by email.

    (sort of)


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